2014, Special issue on Food Supply Chain


Volume 152, June 2014, Sustainable Food Supply Chain Management

LI, D.,WANG, X., CHAN, H.K., MANZINI R., 2014, Sustainable food supply chain management. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION ECONOMICS. Vol.152, 1-8

Sustainable production and distribution is a pertinent and timely issue in production economics. This is particularly critical for the food industry, which is still the largest manufacturing sector in many developed and developing countries. Although food production and distribution systems have become more efficient in many aspects, the industry consumes large amounts of natural resources and faces ever increasing demands. Sustainable food supply has been con- stantly a global challenge in the industry. It is estimated that 175 million people in India and 130 million in China are being “fed with grain by over-pumping” of water. 24% of families now have foodless days in India (Brown, 2012). In the mean time, food waste has been a significant challenge to sustainable food supply. It is estimated that “approximately one third of the global food production is wasted or lost annually” (Gustavsson et al. 2011) […]