WFSC 2016 – South Africa

4th International Workshop on Food Supply Chains

Lanzerac Hotel, Stellenbosch, South Africa, September 11th – 16th, 2016

Food for thought: Information for Smart Solutions to solve Big Problems

Held in conjunction with the South African Operations Research Society’s 45th annual conference

ISBN 978-956-368-363-9


Organizing Institute

Risultati immagini per csir south africa

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

Conference chairman

Esbeth van Dyk


Scientific committee of WFSC 2016

Riccardo Manzini, Bologna University (Italy); John Bartholdi, Georgia Tech (USA);

Susan Cholette, San Francisco State University (USA); Alejandro Mac Cawley and Sergio Maturana, PUC (Chile);

Leorey Marquez, CSIRO (Australia); Raymundo Forradellas, UNC (Argentina);

Rene Villalobos, ASU (USA); Renzo Akkerman, TUM (Germany);

Esbeth van Dyk, iKhanyisa (South Africa).

Keynote speakers of ORSSA 2016

Elena Fernandez (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain and President of EURO);

Paul Fatti (Emeritus Professor, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa);

Erwin Pesch (University of Siegen, Germany).


The 4th International Workshop on Food Supply Chain (WFSC 2016) was held in September 11th to 16th in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The workshop was held in conjunction with the South African Operations Research Society’s 45th annual conference (ORSSA 2016).

For more information, please go to the ORSSA website


The food supply chain is one of the largest and most complex supply chains in the world. It encompasses everything from producers and shipping companies, to grocers and restaurants. Everyone needs food for survival, and most of us thoroughly enjoy to eat. Thus, it makes sense that the industry would take advantage of the same big data analysis as financial firms and marketing departments to better understand their consumer, increase efficiency and even create new recipes to try. The big question is: Are we doing so? We are looking at how information and big data analysis will impact the food supply chain of the future.

Call for papers

Participants was encouraged to submit papers describing their research on different topics related to the food supply chain. The papers were subjected to peer review. WFSC published its own proceedings, separate from the ORSSA proceedings.

Important dates for ORSSA/WFSC:



11 April 2016

Abstract submission closes for reviewed papers

18 April 2016

Notification of acceptance of abstracts of reviewed papers and go- ahead to submit full papers for peer-review

15 July 2016

Abstract submission closes for presentation of non-reviewed papers

23 July 2016

Notification of acceptance of reviewed papers for proceedings

29 July 2016

Early bird registration closes

21 August 2016

Registration closes


The ORSSA conference/WFSC workshop on 11-14 September was held at the Lanzerac Hotel in Stellenbosch. The Lanzerac is one of the oldest wine estates in South Africa, with beautiful historic buildings in a picturesque setting.

Outcomes from the conference

  • Book of Abstracts of the ORSSA conference/WFSC workshop
  • List of some relevant papers:

Accorsi R., Penazzi S., Manzini R., Dunstall S. (2016). Sustainable land-use planning optimization integrating residential, urban mobility and food resources in a closed system, Stellenbosch 11–16 Sept., 2016.

Baruffaldi G., Accorsi R., Amaducci F., Manzini R., Penazzi S. (2016). How logistics affects food processing facility design, Stellenbosch 11–16 Sept., 2016.

Garcia-Flores R., Esmaeilbeigi R., Martins R., de Souza Filho O.V., Juliano P. (2016). Optimal selection of whey processing facilities and technology, Stellenbosch 11–16 Sept., 2016.

Bernard J., Lötte D.P. (2016). A multi-objective approach towards effective crop allocation of farm land, Stellenbosch 11–16 Sept., 2016.

Khanh H.N., Marquez L., Talebian M. (2016). Incresing the resilience of Vietnam’s rise supply chain: A simulation approach, Stellenbosch 11–16 Sept., 2016.

Mac Cawley A. (2016). Cyclical scheduling with sequence-dependant setup times: The case of wine bottling lines, Stellenbosch 11–16 Sept., 2016.

Accorsi R., Baruffaldi G., Bortolini M., Gamberi M., Manzini R., Pilati F. (2016). Internet-of-things paradigm in food supply ecosystem control and management: Goals, strategies and tools, Stellenbosch 11–16 Sept., 2016.

  • Industrial visits

Sept. 15th  – With a focus on the fruit industry, the visit was at Kromco – a large packer of apples and pears–and Appletiser – a producer of sparkling fruit juices. Both supply the local and export markets.

Sept. 16th  – With a focus  on biodynamic farming, sustainability, health and nutrition, the visit took place at Farmer Angus, the biodynamic farmer at Spier, outside Stellenbosch. The farm produces pasture-reared beef, eggs, vegetables and wine.

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