This chaperoning inhibits both from engaging in sex just before wedding

This chaperoning inhibits both from engaging in sex just before wedding

Malume a beneficial mwamuna: Ife tachokera m’mudzi wa Kaanyenda ku Mchinji, tambalayu ndi mwana wa a Banda, ndipo ine ndi malume aftermath, awa ndi a beneficial malume ake ang’ono. Tele nkhani yomwe tabwelera ndi ya msoti umene tambala wathuyi wapeza m’mudzi wanu uno.

After the people regarding man’s front makes new introductions making clear the goal of its visit, the fresh girl’s brother temporarily places the new talk on the hold and you can goes out to telephone call brand new girl. The new girl isn’t part of the initially discussion up to their particular brother has named their getting expose. The students guy, also, even after being an element of the cluster, remains silent inside the conversation. Just his brother does the talking.

In the event the girl goes into the space where the discussions try taking set, their unique uncle requires the group from the man front in the event that she is one he is these are. If the the woman is one, the fresh girl’s bro next requires their unique if the she and additionally knows the fresh people from this new man’s class. At this point, this new wedding are accepted by uncles away from either side.

At all costs, the man is supposed to feel entered of the his brothers or fellow youngsters in the community. Furthermore, the fresh girl is supposed to getting followed by their particular relatives whenever visiting the people.

The fresh girl should explain where it satisfied and you will prove when the she will abide by the fresh on mans side, especially the man, that it is an effective that they have exposed regarding their relationship and then have introduced it to eni mbumba , hence culturally excellent

Generally, the two go to each other to your Vacations. The guy is sometimes inserted by about two of their brothers, as the girl favors her siblings or family unit members according to the disease. The 2 speak in an open area. The new girl makes sure that she makes dining having their unique guy plus the those who would have adopted him to see their particular. The latest hospitality is even reciprocated whenever she visits the guy.

In their matchmaking, the guy is not allowed to go to the girl’s family by yourself; neither ‘s the girl allowed to check out the people by yourself

“Malume ake a good M’nyamata” (boy’s uncles) and you will “Malume an effective Mkazi” (girl’s uncle) fulfill on latter’s homestead so you can kick-start the latest certified wedding legal proceeding.

Given that relationships matures, and also the a couple of features on the per year to obtain hitched, ankhoswe ( intermediaries ) satisfy to prepare the marriage techniques. Included in the ilies, from the azakhali (aunt), upgrade the newest girl’s parents as well as the man’s parents consequently. Initially, mothers try afraid, particularly towards behavior of one’s potential romantic partner of its child otherwise son.

While the parents have been advised of matrimony proposal, their feedback outlines the second measures of the relationships techniques. Immediately after talking to the parents, “Azakhali” takes the latest views with the uncles, whom following program a special interviewing new suitor’s uncles.

Included in dealing with this type of fears one of mothers, the guy is required to purchase a couple of weeks on home to their would-be moms and dads-in-law working, engaging in all of the family relations chores to show his potential within the elevating the dwini , a guy just who works during the girl’s parents’ home planning to get married the girl and show their potential to raise their daughter. The guy gets involved in lots of home chores, plus farming, google most beautiful Norilsk women search, and you can and come up with units usually utilized within house, age.g., mats. Chikamwini is far more for example a probation several months because the parents evaluate when the the guy could take care of the daughter, particularly feeding and dressing her. Also, this is a chance for the mother and father to understand the fresh new choices of one’s young buck.