Including, the reason for new decrease about period of marriage large homes earnings

Including, the reason for new decrease about period of marriage large homes earnings

This research lined up to understand the economical and you can public representations off the late period of ong young adults in the Jordanian neighborhood and you will inform you differences in all of them predicated on details (gender, many years, geographical supply). Along with, to identify this new public effects of the late period of ong young adults inside the Jordanian society and you will let you know variations in all of them according in order to variables (gender, many years, geographic supply).

The consequence of this study revealed that one of many financial aspects of the later marriage are the price tag out of relationship, the high cost off staying in Jordanian area, jobless. And the undeniable fact that you can find barriers regarding the costs away from marriage pertaining to the economical conditions out of young someone, in addition to blog post-wedding expenses, highest relationships expenses.

Economic empowerment is also discovered so you can impact the lover possibilities taste from private subjects; it increases the desiderata to have a fantastic mate (Berg-Get women in Trelleborg in Sweden are sexy across et al., 2004). Ladies who is financially empowered, or exactly who seek financial empowerment, is 10 unwilling to get into relationships that have men who will not equal or higher contributors so you’re able to loved ones financial information.

On the other hand, this new personal affairs into later relationship within the Jordanian society are the kind regarding Jordanian male neighborhood, which gives absolutely the authority on the father in order to meddle within the the option of loved one getting people, and his awesome approval is a necessity for the conclusion of your age meaning of later marriage, especially for ladies who didn’t set out to will still be single is actually difficult. Negative public title out of solitary womanhood adversely has an effect on framework of positive self-term to own solitary women (Reynolds & Wetherell, 2003; Byrne, 2003).

This study indicated that the new social results of the fresh new late ages off e tense and achieving alot more be concerned. Including, young adults that late in-marriage many years live in clear societal requirements and you can injury to the people in this new test. The cause of your differences is actually due to the latest outlying populace, which is higher than the latest city’s population, referring to just like the outlying somebody feel the repercussions alot more as compared to people of the town by the advantage of the initially social interactions, and their adherence in order to heritage and you will lifestyle over the people away from urban centers, and this concur with the result of Qandil studies on research (Qandil, ainsi que al., 2013).


  1. Setting up charities to simply help teenagers wed and gives them having resource.
  2. Carrying seminars and you can lectures which can improve focus on the city to reduce horses for teenagers coming to wed.
  3. Run equivalent lookup toward psychological aspect of young adults who is actually late in marriage.

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