The fresh Azerbaijani psychology: 5 positive and you may 5 negative attributes

The fresh Azerbaijani psychology: 5 positive and you may 5 negative attributes

Why don’t we start with an enchanting list

You could matter of course on the foundation contained in this country. Finance to possess procedures is raised from inside the nation as a whole and, as a rule, done so versus examining any documents or physician’s certificates. Beggars is actually generously dispensed alms, as they might look and get dressed up most useful that donators on their own.

  1. Readiness to help visitors on the street

If you were to think crappy and you can slip on the street–you are considering assistance. Even although you only hit, you’d pay attention to the brand new scamper away from helpers’ foot throughout, before you can the floor. They’ll be race to capture your.

  1. Admiration to the elderly

However, not everyone beat their and others’ more mature with skills and you may worry. But there is a specific line in public areas conscience, which ought to not be overstepped, such as for example, if an earlier people uses abusive vocabulary up postimyynti morsiamen hinnoittelu against an older person, they factors eg a robust negative impact for the people, why these things happen really hardly.

  1. Compassionate feelings with the female

Five gurus and you will a young woman is awaiting a lift. The lift appear. The workers shyly lookup aside, the young woman comes into the elevator and you may excursion by yourself. They don’t require their own feeling ashamed otherwise frightened.

An early on woman visits an income tax inspector toward occasion regarding a were unsuccessful organization. Brand new inspector shakes their direct, miracle, what she required all that getting, gives her paternal advice on simple tips to suspend their particular providers craft and you can lets her come in tranquility, even if however features acted in different ways having one.

  1. Hospitality

Trite and you may no way stunning to own a nation regarding Caucasus. But there is no leaking out the reality that within country a visitor has never been expected if he/she’d should features a cup beverage. Beverage are confirmed, all else-whether your guest isn’t in a hurry.

Unfortunately, such qualities provides five suggest counterparts

  1. Exposing at any costs

A pricey mobile to the borrowing and you will outstanding energy and liquid costs? What is the state! In the event that there aren’t any power and you can water supply bill expenses, next a villa with swimming pool could well be constructed on credit. It didn’t have adequate currency to possess a share, even so they been able to bush particular hand trees that are unfortunately swaying regarding the Baku cinch.

  1. Infantilism

A classic Azerbaijani upbringing implies bundling up a child passionately, eating your/their plentily, whether or not the guy/she does not want to; bludgeoning your/her to the gonna college or university; then purchasing a diploma, a car and you may a driver’s license; later on finding your/their particular a wife or a partner. Definitely, we have most people who will be separate using their family members consequently they are care about-adequate in all aspects, however, you might better not assess new portion of the entire population, under control not to get disappointed.

  1. A woman-nearly a person

Guys are eager to compliment its moms and dads, wives and you may daughters away from sunup to help you sunset. Nonetheless, about greater part of families, women, generally speaking, aren’t independent people in brand new community; he is variety of appendages so you can guys. At the same time, having a good reputation, feminine is either realize strict laws otherwise struggle with prejudices and you may stereotypes almost all their lives.

  1. Incapacity to own active combination

Our very own people do not understand their organization since a family group; an enterprise isn’t a household; a street is not a family group and other people may not be a family. Thus, recommendations that requires major efforts, is generally supplied to household members, while the brand new ‘it is not one out of my business’ principle try applied for someone else.

  1. Hypocrisy

Our men and women have quite strong forefingers. We like in order to bandy about and you will condemn whatever i envision incorrect. We including need condemn people to possess improper screens from affection. Ergo, for many years, new Azerbaijani society might have been warmly condemning this new youngsters having kissing to the seats, premarital sex or other taboo means, whereas the new gossipmongers plumb ignore her biggest and you can lesser sins.