With requisite editing and you may coding, we registered studies to your desktop having fun with SPSS type eleven

With requisite editing and you may coding, we registered studies to your desktop having fun with SPSS type eleven

5. Necessary tests was performed then by way of frequency study to evaluate studies surface and you will shed analysis. Though initial entry resulted in certain forgotten data admission, i inserted missing investigation from the survey pursuing the serial matter tasked, in advance of research entryway, to each and every of one’s accumulated survey. At the studies stage, we delivered frequency across the additional features and centered changeable. I and additionally did bi-variate analysis to recognize the connections from adolescent relationship maternity (Desk 1). In this regard, we experienced logistic regression investigation because based and you will independent parameters had been categorical. Although not, we did not maximum out investigation so you can bi-variate connections, while the bi-variate investigation merely informs the relationship between a couple of parameters, that can easily be considered as bias loved ones on account of dictate out-of other variables which is unobserved inside bi-variate connections. To identify this new independent perception out of separate details, i performed multi-variate logistic regression data. Most of the parameters used in new bi-variate study, were used in the newest multi-variate analysis. Throughout the multi-variate research, i utilized enter strategy. Outcome of multiple-variate logistic analysis try shown when you look at the Table dos.

Adolescent marital pregnancy

Around three fifth participants (72.5%) aged fifteen-29 age educated relationship maternity within (maybe not revealed), with a mean ages of many years (SD = dos.813). Bi-variate logistic regression analysis revealed that participants’ adolescent maternity ranged by more services (Desk 1). Members old 20-24 age had higher likelihood getting teenage marital maternity (Or 1.410, 95% CI 0.860 to 2.311) however, result wasn’t statistically high, while users aged twenty-five-31 age had extreme straight down odds of teenage pregnancy (Or = 0.065, 95% CI 0.019 so you can 0.220). Knowledgeable members got tall down possibility proportion off adolescent relationship maternity (Or 0.276, 95% CI 0.115 so you’re able to 0.664) versus their uneducated competitors. Whether or not operating professionals was less likely to want to experience adolescent marital pregnancy, impact was not statistically tall. Professionals wanted for more than a couple of students had been more likely to feel adolescent relationship pregnancy (Or 2.899, 95% CI step one.811 so you’re able to 4.640) than the people desired for two children. People having knowledgeable partner have been much less browsing experience teenage marital maternity (Or 0.369, 95% CI 0161 in order to 0.845). Participants created in the town got straight down habit of experience adolescent relationship maternity (Otherwise 0.257, 95% CI 0.151 so you can 0.438). Likewise, professionals met with you to definitely, and most one mass media was in fact less likely to want to experience teenage relationship maternity (Otherwise 0.280, 95% CI 0.131 in order to 0.597 and you may 0R 0.449, 95% CI 0.277 to help you 0.728 correspondingly).

Multivariate associations out of teenage maternity

Multivariate logistic regression study are performed to determine elements impacting adolescent marital pregnancy (Table 2). The same as bi-variate impact, people old 20-24 decades had high possibilities (Or 1.971, 95% CI step 1.132 to three.434) while members old twenty five-31 decades had down likelihood (Or 0.054, 95% CI 0.016 to 0.190) out-of teenage relationship maternity as compared to people aged fifteen-19 years of age. Like bi-variate effect, professionals wished for >2 students have been a whole lot more planning to sense adolescent marital pregnancy compared to new member need for two people (Otherwise step 3.573, 95% CI step 1.910 in order to 6.684). Users created in the urban area were and significantly less browsing feel teenage marital pregnancy (Otherwise 0.458, 95% CI 0.228 to 0.919), and that is just like one mail order gelin tanД±mД± to for the bi-variate study. Not parameters seemed to possess significant impact on teenage marital pregnancy into the multivariate logistic regression studies.


This study discovered that almost all the participants got educated adolescent marital pregnancy. All pregnancies happened at the period of 15-19 age, that is in line with a unique study held during the outlying regions of Bangladesh, in which indicate age in the beginning delivery is actually seemingly all the way down . Teenage pregnancy was also apparently high for the Us in this decades class, i.age., 94 pregnancies for every single 1000 youth . The new mean chronilogical age of adolescent pregnancy one of several higher fertility adding women are age, which is almost similar to yet another study conducted inside the Equador in which said imply many years is sixteen.5 years . The stated indicate ages at the relationship maternity, in the modern studies, indicates that however a number of the marriages occur during the less than 18 several years of minimal courtroom years which may contribute to high virility later on due to the fact very early marital maternity ong these women, provided women can be fecund and do not explore nearest and dearest considered strategy.