Brand new pill remains the preferred strategy (27%), accompanied by injectables (12%), condoms (6%), and you may feminine sterilization (5%)

Brand new pill remains the preferred strategy (27%), accompanied by injectables (12%), condoms (6%), and you may feminine sterilization (5%)

Ferdousi mais aussi al. (2010) identified fear of ill-effects once the a primary reason for perhaps not playing with contraceptives (46%) followed by religious explanations (12%) and you will husbands or friends disapproval (11%) .

Method combine

Simply 8% out-of already married people fool around with much time-acting reversible contraceptives (LARC) like, implants or intrauterine products (IUDs), or a permanent form of birth prevention eg female or male sterilization. Accessibility long acting and you may long lasting actions peaked during the 30% in the 1991 however, refused gradually and you may stabilized in the newest speed out of 8% when you look at the 2007 [step one, dos, 5]. When you are there were a little upsurge in the utilization of men sterilization due to the fact 2004, that is safer and cheaper than female sterilization, making use of prices nevertheless are very low (1%) . Degree to your and employ regarding crisis birth-control pill (ECP) one of the currently hitched feminine is actually receive down; 14 percent have have you ever heard of it, 13% ones possess ever before tried it, and six% used it during the last 1 year. .

Discontinuation and you may Changing

Contraceptive profiles exactly who stop its strategy use in 12 months , and you may fell to 31% into the 2014, the low filed rates on BDHS (Fig. 3). This price is actually high among profiles of brief acting strategies such as while the condoms (40%), plus the tablet (34%) than for stretched-title actions for example implants (7%). Every means discontinuation price to the current speed away from 30% during the 2014 . Aspects of discontinuation provided desire to conceive (31%), with side effects (26%) and you can accidental pregnancies (14%). not, the causes to own discontinuation varied according to type of birth-control (Dining table 2).

A survey inside Matlab, when you look at the Chandpur Section, indicated that an average of, female use 2.5 procedures more its reproductive lifetime, which have an indicate number of changes during the thirteen.5 periods .

Need virility

The present day common family members dimensions for women during the Bangladesh are dos.2 youngsters, with declined slightly over the past accounts one to 74% of pregnancies on 5 years preceding this new questionnaire had been desired or implied, and you may twenty six% from pregnancies was basically unintended (15% was indeed mistimed and you can 11% was indeed unwelcome) (Fig. 3). Results throughout the multi-variate data of just one investigation indicated that maternity order, decades, faith, ever the means to access birth prevention steps, region and you can riches index was in fact somewhat for the maternity intent standing .

In 2014, although total wanted virility price in the country try step 1.7 children, given that genuine virility price is discovered dos.3 . Conclusions in one data revealed that the brand new gap into the virility appeal is mostly because of preference to have men students, sureity against newborn and you will child death, diminished high quality relatives planning properties, and you will ineffective entry to procedures . It had been including discovered that with every parity level, fertility are highest for females in the place of sons, and you may decreased to the boost in level of sons .

You to definitely data advertised an addiction with the sons during the old age, given that sons is actually financially more successful than just daughters. Women which have increased proportion away from sons were less inclined to want even more pupils while the birth control method fool around with is probably be beautiful sexy girl canadian included in this [a dozen, 13]. Sons also can provide a good dowry to the loved ones by way of wedding, as the practice is actually officially unlawful within the Bangladesh . What amount of sons into the children comes with a critical impact on the brand new timing out of a 3rd birth in many parts of the country. One analysis found that the function from a third birth try afterwards for women which currently got a few sons. Research along with revealed that very early wedding, higher age difference in partners, very early childbearing, and you may smaller instructional and you may occupations for females bolster ladies dependency toward sons, though this type of strategies is slowly decreasing .