30+ Girl Labels That mean Seductress: Women Appeal, Magnetism, and Appeal

30+ Girl Labels That mean Seductress: Women Appeal, Magnetism, and Appeal

Seductress names for girls provide an alluring and mystical style. When you’re attraction have a tendency to keeps negative connotations, labels getbride.org lien pratique which have enchanting definitions may portray female appeal, magnetism, and allure. On this page having Flawless Nest, we have obtained a perfect set of girl labels that mean seductress.


Title Aphrodite hails from new Greek term “aphros,” meaning that “foam.” Centered on Greek mythology, Aphrodite was given birth to throughout the soap of one’s ocean, developed by the cut pussy of your goodness Uranus. The woman is will represented since the a pleasant and you may engaging woman, that have an enticing appeal that could host anybody who applied sight on the.

Due to the fact goddess off love, beauty, and sexuality, Aphrodite try known for her seductive efforts. She was thought to be able to build individuals fall in love with their particular, and she utilized it capacity to their particular virtue. Of several tales during the Greek mythology rotate as much as Aphrodite’s alluring character, and additionally their unique products along with other gods and mortals.

One of the most famous stories of Aphrodite’s seductiveness is the facts regarding their own romance toward mortal Adonis. With respect to the misconception, Aphrodite fell in love with Adonis and utilized their charms to victory his center. However, their matchmaking are short-stayed due to the fact Adonis try slain by the a wild boar sent of the the brand new jealous goodness Ares.

Aphrodite’s seductive character wasn’t limited by personal matchmaking. She including used her energies to control and control other people, commonly causing a mess and you may disagreement one of many gods. In a single facts, she caused the Trojan War by the encouraging the most amazing mortal lady, Helen, into the Trojan prince Paris, triggering a rivalry amongst the Greeks and you can Trojans.

Title Aphrodite happens to be just attraction and you may sensuality. They evokes photo out of a strong and you may attractive woman who’ll enchant and you can bring in anyone she wants. Title has been used throughout history into the books, artwork, and you can popular society to depict the idea of attraction and you may female sexuality.

In modern times, the name Aphrodite remains of the seduction and charm. It is a well-known option for moms and dads looking for an alternative and you can effective label because of their de have a strong and you may convinced voice, so it’s the ultimate fit for good girl that is condemned become a robust and you may alluring woman.


The name Calypso comes from the fresh new Greek word “kalupto,” definition “to fund” otherwise “so you can cover.” This is exactly suitable to own a beneficial seductress, just like the she often uses their particular attraction and you will charm in order to conceal their particular true purposes. From inside the Greek mythology, Calypso are called a beneficial nymph, an attractive and immortal women soul exactly who stayed in nature.

When you look at the Homer’s impressive poem, New Odyssey, Calypso is understood to be a strikingly beautiful goddess with an exciting sound. This woman is together with represented because the a robust and you will separate lady, traditions on her very own isle and you can ruling regarding it just like the she pleases. So it mixture of charm, stamina, and freedom renders Calypso an intriguing and alluring shape.

Calypso’s alluring characteristics is subsequent showcased by their particular procedures into hero Odysseus. Once the guy gets stuck on the island, she also offers him immortality if the guy believes to help you get married her. So it promote are appealing to own Odysseus, but the guy fundamentally chooses to leave and you may remain their travel family. So it displays Calypso’s power to explore their unique appeal and you may seduction to strive to control anyone else.

Title Calypso has been on the attraction and you can attraction due so you’re able to its link with it popular mythological shape. It offers a strange and you can engaging top quality that makes it an effective primary selection for parents seeking a different and strong term due to their child.