2014, Conad & CPR pallet pooling for fresh products distribution in retailing

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Aim of this project is the development and application of a supporting decision model and tool for the optimisation of the pallet pooling system for fresh perishable products procurement and distribution in a complex retailing system. The project aim is to find the best configuration of the system reducing the global environmental impacts by the evaluation of all contributions generated according with a LCA analysis.


The companies involved are:

  • Conad (Consorzio Nazionale Dettaglianti) is an Italian retail store brand which operates one of the largest supermarket chains in Italy. Created in 1962, Conad is a cooperative system of entrepreneurs, dealing in large-scale distribution. It is structured on three levels: entrepreneur members (owners of retail outlets), cooperatives (large shopping and distribution centers), and the national consortium (a service and market-oriented body for member companies).CPR immaginepallet cpr
  • CPR is a pallet pooling and reusable plastic container (RPC) provider, leading company in Italy for the largest part of retail brand.