Companies tour 2017

prof.Riccardo Manzini organized the visits of two important companies on February 2017 with a selection of students from Mechanical Engineering and Management Engineering of the School of Engineering and Architecture of Bologna University.

Amazon Fulfillment Center (Piacenza, Italy)

The first visited distribution center (DC) is the DC of Amazon located in Piacenza, named MPX5. It counts millions of SKUs and items. We visited the production flows and processes from inbound to outbound passing through the storage, picking and packing activities. Two additional DCs are going to be opened in Italy.


IKEA (Piacenza, Italy)

The second visited distribution center (DC) is one of the two DCs of IKEA in Italy. Both DCs are located in Piacenza. We visited material handling, packaging solutions and storage processes, including inbound and outbound activities. About the IKEA Group