Universal Robots – March, 2018

Universal Robots – the leading international company in production and application of cobot (collaborative robot) for industry and automation of production system


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A cobot[1] or co-robot[2] (from collaborative robot) is a robot intended to physically interact with humans in a shared workspace.[3] This is in contrast with other robots, designed to operate autonomously or with limited guidance,[4] which is what most industrial robots were up until the decade of the 2010s.

Cobots were invented in 1996 by J. Edward Colgate and Michael Peshkin, professors at Northwestern University. A 1997 US patent filing describes cobots as “an apparatus and method for direct physical interaction between a person and a general purpose manipulator controlled by a computer.”


On march 20, 2018 Dr.Eng. Alessio Cocchi, Sales & Development Manager in Universal Robots, presents the challenges and opportunities generated by cobots for Industry 4.0. This seminar was organized by Prof.Riccardo Manzini to the students of Management & Mechanical Engineering of Bologna University. This is the speech of the interesting session on innovative solutions for Logistics and Material Handling.

The video of the speech follows.

The presentation the supports the speech of Alessio Cocchi is following: