Tour 2021

Visit in Pregel and Elettric 80 (E80 group) – december 2021

On December 2021, a group of students of Industrial Engineering visited the Production Plant and the Distribution System of Pregel (in Scandiano, Reggio Emilia) which is the leading company in the production of products for the gelato, pastry and beverage sectors. These plants are equipped with material handling and storage automated systems produced by Elettric 80, the leading company in the production of LGV systems and storage systems. Both companies operate worldwide. The tour closed with a visit of the production systems and products of Elettric 80 in Viano (Reggio Emilia). A special thanks to Eng. Bolognesi Luca (Head of the technical department in Pregel) and Eng. Lodini Alberto (R&D Manager & Logistic Product Manager).