Russia’s native cultural organizations very carefully uphold the national life style by-passing off family relations rites and you can lifestyle through the generations

Russia’s native cultural organizations very carefully uphold the national life style by-passing off family relations rites and you can lifestyle through the generations

There are two main high groups of brand new Nenets some body, the newest Tree Nenets and you will Tundra Nenets. In spite of the huge areas which they are now living in, stretching from the Light Water on all the way down has reached of your own Yenisei river, all Tundra Nenets express an identical community. An element of the elements of Indiska heta kvinnor the conventional matrimony routine are exactly the same for all Nenets, however there had been variations with respect to the area, new wealth of the family as well as the life of the specific clan.

Exogamous norms were regarding basic becoming sensed when concluding marriage ceremonies: marriages might happen merely between agents various clans. Financial factors have been also important, including individual attributes of your own bride to be: their particular fitness, capability to work, and you can event.

The offer of relationships

Relationships of the promote had previously been, and regularly continues to be, an element of the kind of ong new Nenets anyone. Immediately following laying his sight on the an effective girl, a young guy along with his household members seated off to possess a household members council, in which it talked about brand new functions of the girl and you can chose a wedding agent. In many cases, the fresh new groom’s mother you will act as the marriage broker herself.

Towards the a-flat big date, the groom and ily. They contacted the new tent, referred to as a great ‘chum’, in which dad of the bride to be existed, together with relationship agent went inside in order to declare the reason for their coming. Part of the device of your wedding broker is his group. The relationships representative began by stating with the bride’s dad: “Is your daughter in the home or otherwise not”?

If for example the girl’s dad did not need his daughter to marry one to man for some reason, however perhaps not answer the fresh new suggestion or required an effective grand bridewealth.

In the event your dad preferred the brand new bridegroom, he been discussing the level of bridewealth into relationship agent: this new bride’s father made incisions with the professionals add up to the number of deer he needs.

Which have decided on this new bridewealth, the wedding representative left the staff which had been later on leftover by the the brand new bride’s father from the sacred sledge. The number of like employees is equal to how many ily acquired several deer while the improve, the marriage is believed put up. The fresh new date of wedding depended towards percentage additionally the supply of the newest dowry.

The latest bridewealth are constantly paid down through to the relationships, and its matter relied towards groom’s riches. The bulk of it absolutely was made up of deer, the rest is actually fur, material, an such like. A large bridewealth increased the latest condition of one’s bride to be.

From the bride’s tent

To your fiance, the wedding big date arrangements began with a shower and you may ritual maintaining that have tobacco cigarette. Next their particular locks was styled: the brand new bride’s braids have been adorned with jewelry, and you may she put-on a different sort of bit of headgear entitled “sudyr”. The main accessory were enough time phony braids. Nenets people didn’t come with special marriage attire, therefore the bride-to-be dressed in their unique very female and you can the new dresses generated of the finest-top quality skins.

On lay go out, the brand new bridegroom and his awesome family relations put-on their utmost dresses and went along to new bride’s tent. The wedding argish – a caravan of numerous deer sleds heading one after another – would be an entire kilometre much time.

Immediately following he arrived to the newest bride’s tent, the fresh bridegroom create push the fresh new sledge 3 x to they sun-smart, followed by the newest bride’s members of the family who endured outside the tent hurried to catch the marriage broker, the newest groom and all other subscribers. The intention of this new bride’s household members was to catch all sledges operating within full-speed.