New Bundahis, Bahman Yast, and Shayast La-Shayast, transl

New Bundahis, Bahman Yast, and Shayast La-Shayast, transl

Dadistan-we Dinik (or Religious Feedback away from Manuskihar son away from Yudan-Yim, Dastur of Pars and Kirman, A great

PAHLAVI Messages. Region We. EW Western (1880) SBE 5. Oxford: Clarendon. This and further amounts change enduring theological and you will court texts (because the understood on 1880s) off Zoroastrianism, presumed to help you be a consequence of Avestan texts now lost. Translator reviews on of a lot difficulties and you may concerns out of his performs. Notes here are extremely tentative. Bundahis (or the Modern Creation). ch. XV: 1-5 (transl. pp. 52-54), creation facts, very first guy and you can earliest woman, and you will a tree “whose good fresh fruit is the brand new 10 styles of people” – having notice so you can XV: 29 (pp. 59-60) where footnote 6 discusses ten styles of ‘monsters’, recalling stories regarding strange racing from inside the India. Note plus racial distinction within the ch. XXIII: 1-dos (p. 87), today grossly unpleasant. Shayast La-Shayast (or even the Proper and you can Incorrect). ch. II: 97, fnt.5 (p. 270), significance regarding ‘armest’, including ‘lame, crippled, immobility’. V: 1-2 (pp. 290-91) means grade out of children’s duty getting completely wrong chatter during prayer big date: around five years, no blame; regarding five to help you eight, e with the dad; eight to help you ten, higher quantity of youth’s duty. V: eight (pp. 292-93) excuses deaf-and-dumb individual that never build proper response to prayers. VI: 1-dos, “The newest deaf-and-dumb and you can helpless” (‘armest’: footnote 2 offers probable meaning here, “an idiot, otherwise insane people”), even though off proper conduct and you will disposition, “was struggling to carrying out an effective works”. X: thirty five (p. 332), a woman try fit for certain priestly obligations among women; footnote 6 cites Avestan passage in which “people woman who’s not feeble-minded” can create specific priestly commitments having people.

LXIV: 2-5 (pp

PAHLAVI Messages. Area II. The new Dadistan-i Dinik together with Epistles out of Manuskihar, transl. EW Western (1882) SBE 18. Oxford: Clarendon. D. 881). ch. LXII: 4, on the heredity, generally seems to advise that a good child (otherwise their spouse) “that is blind in both attention, or crippled [armest – come across prior annotation] both in feet, otherwise maimed in his hands” get twice the fresh new display from an in a position-bodied young buck, a type of confident discrimination allegedly on the basis of you want. Epistles out of Manuskihar. Epistle II, ch. I: 13 (p. 329), ref. so you’re able to “Zaratust the fresh new clubfooted Kliknite ovo ovdje sada (apafrobd)”. Footnote dos implies a recently available people called Z., “that has endeavoured so you’re able to hide the fresh new deformity one to disqualified him” in the large priesthood. Discover also Inclusion (p. xxvi). Appendix. III, towards the meaning of Khvetuk-Das, ‘next-of-kin marriage’. p. 407 discussing dangers of divorce proceedings, states “vice and con plus the misery regarding deformity” while the flaws which could covertly feel caused by one.

PAHLAVI Messages. Part III. Dina-i Mainog-i Khirad; Sikand-Gumanik Vigar; Sad Dar, transl. EW West (1885) SBE 24. Oxford: Clarendon. Dina-i Mainog-i Khirad (or Viewpoints of Soul away from Knowledge). Ch. XV: 1-six and footnote dos (p. 42), makes reference to “the brand new poorest and most remote (armesttum) person” (see prior to annotation on the ‘armest’) just who maintains sincerity into the believe, phrase and you may action, will receive an effective performs imputed to help you him though unable to in fact doing for example performs. Ch. XXVI: 4-6, (p. 56), new blind person that provides hit training and knowledge “is to be thought to be sound-eyed”. XXXVII: 36 (p. 75), blessedness of one “which provides rooms holiday accommodation into the sick and secluded [‘armest’] and you can traders”. Sikand-Gumanik Vigar (or even the Question-Dispelling Cause). V: 63-64 (p. 144), in the event that a close look, ear, nostrils, limb etc are disabled, one of many other organ is no replacement. X: 64 (p. 170), reference to “instructions body gestures” certainly one of ways Zoroaster preached and sure King Gustasp. XII: 64-70 (p. 207), blindness figures that have dark, lack of knowledge etcetera in a list of “demoniacal distinct features”. Sad Dar of the Hundred or so Subjects. Ch. 326-27), penalties having thieves is amputation from ear canal and you can (in the third offence) away from right-hand, also a fine and you will jail phrase.