Decision Support Systems

DSS summary

The Food Supply Chain Center developed several innovative and original decision support and computerized platforms to face with the following issues on food supply chain:

  • Store Optimizer for the design and optimisation of a storage and warehousing system including the order picking system (OPS). Several applications in less-than unit load systems, e.g. retailing, spare parts distribution centers, manufacturing systems, food industry, etc.
  • Lane Optimizer for the design of a lane depth unit load warehousing system. Several application in food and beverage, bakery, food industry, etc.
  • Plant Simulator for the design and optimisation of a processing/manufacturing job-shop system in food industry. This is a platform for a visual simulation of a production system with the evaluation of several KPI (e.g. energy consumption, environmental impacts, logistic efficiency)
  • Land Network Designer for the design and optimisation of a supply chain system from land to the table of the consumer including reverse logistics issues, land planning, packaging issues, transportation, waste management, reuse and recycling, etc.
  • Network Analyzer for the evaluation of a supply chain in accordance with environmental KPIs. Several application in reusable plastic container systems (RPC), retail, meat production and distribution, etc.
  • Rev Optimizer for the design, management and optimisation of a reverse/collection logistic system. Several application in waste management.

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A selection of the previously illustrated DSS has been applied in the following VIDEO