Food Supply Chain at EXPO, Opening Event RER sept.17 2015

Friday 18th September 2015, Milano Expo, Italian Pavilion


“From fork to farm”: a new perspective for food supply chain. The role of logistics and the quality of food at the place of consumption

The laboratory of the food supply chain center (Director Prof. Riccardo Manzini) at University of Bologna joining numerous international research departments, developed researches on the impact of logistics and distribution operations on different supply chains, including bakery products, fresh perishable fruit and vegetables, edible oils, wine, pasta, fine chocolate, cheese. These researches identify best practices and guidelines to support vendors, producers, packagers, carriers and retailers in reducing costs, environmental impacts and increasing the quality of their procedures.
To discuss about this and related topics the conference will be attended by Marco Casarini, Elettric 80 SpA, Nerio Zurli, CEO of Havi Logistics, Tommaso De Marco, CEO of East Balt Italia, Giovanni Sorlini, Director of Quality and safety and sustainability department, Inalca, Enrico Frigo, CPR System, Riccardo Manzini, Director of Food Supply Chain Center at University of Bologna, and many others.


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